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One never knows why a Jew comes to the synagogue -- what s/he may be searching for, what may ultimately touch a person's soul.  As a hazzan, I am privileged to help others explore their Judaism, and discover the depth and beauty of our tradition.


Whether leading services, teaching, pastoral work - or any of the varied ways a hazzan interacts with the community - I strive to help others explore and deepen their relationship to Judaism, the Jewish people, and to G-d.


My services combine contemporary and traditional participatory melodies around a framework grounded in nusach, the traditional liturgical chant of our musical heritage.   


Finally, I try to model my calling as a hazzan – and my daily life -- on the rabbinic dictum we recite each morning in our daily prayers:


L’olam y’hei adam –

First and foremost, be a mensch…

Lev b'lev - Cantor Daniel Gale & Bruce Downs, guitar

Cantor Daniel Gale

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